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Gereji – Best Website for Car Repair Workshop

How Can Auto Repair Shops Use the Internet to Increase Business?

Many local small businesses such as auto repair shops build their business quite successfully through social networking. Imagine attending a networking event with a billion people in attendance. That is the currently reported number of Facebook users, and it is growing. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms have hundreds or even thousands of users in your local area who visit those sites every day.

The key to tapping such a huge resource is knowing how to find your local ideal customers and communicate why your shop is their best choice and it may just beginning by having a customized website supplemented by strategic marketing on social media platforms.

Gereji v1.0 is an interactive combo E-commerce and Website suitable for any vehicle repair and maintenance workshop or company. For experts in all vehicle maintenance and repair services, from a simple oil change to complete engine overhauls, panel beating, re-spraying, upholstery, wheel and tyre services, engineering and fabrication etc.

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Gareji is an interactive Auto Repair and Maintenance Company/Business Website for sale. The Website is aesthetically and heuristically created to allow ease viewing of all services by visitors, and check out as well as booking for any auto repair service or garage session.

The Website Garejiv1.0 is our Tuvuti’s Team creation at InspiMate Inc and has the many features just to highlight a few:

  1. Easy Navigation Menu,
  2. Responsive retina design i.e. viewable across all devices (Desktops, Tablets, PDA, Phones etc.)
  3. Listing of all services with concise information.
  4. Appointment or Session Booking for Services
  5. Online and Instatnt Messaging with website visitors
  6. Embedded Social media Updates from Twitter and Facebook appearing real-time on the website.

Get this website and establish an Online Niche for your business.

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